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Origin: Taiwan
Price: GU RP. 300.000 & GCU RP.400.000 (untuk harga grosir hubungi kami)
Payment Method: Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Now there are tools other than blood checks ACCURATE, FAST ( 20detik) but also use CHEAP & EASY
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1. Nesco / Easy Touch GU tool checks the blood sugar and uric acid ( 300, 000 price) 
2. Nesco / Easy Touch GCU Tool checks cholesterol, blood sugar and uric acid ( price USD 400, 000) 
BONUS: 10 strips of glucose, uric acid 10 strips, 2 strips cholesterol & 25 Lancet For information and reservations EASY TOUCH AND EASY TOUCH GCU GU
Contact: Yoga Yuwananto 08128490761
Glucose Meters or so-called blood sugar test kit is a tool used by diabetics to monitor blood glucose, in the language of this procedure hobo called self monitoring of blood glucose ( SMBG) .
As diabetics, we have two methods of measurement that we can choose.
First by using blood glucose monitors such as blood sugar test kits that we can find in the store or pharmacy, medical equipment and the second by way of testing blood sugar levels normal as is done in the laboratory.
How do blood sugar testing device work? 
As a user' s blood sugar test kits, you need a few drops of blood are placed on a disposable strip. This strip is then inserted in the appliance. This strip has been coated with special chemicals such as glucose oxidose, dehydrogenase or Hexokinase.
When tests are done, these chemicals are mixed with blood samples that have been shed. Blood sugar contained in the blood is then measured by test kits. Some devices measure the electrical levels in the blood.
There is also a tool that measures the amount of light reflected berdarasarkan in blood samples. The measurement results will be displayed by means of certain numbers.
There' s even a tool that can be connected to a PC to store results of tests conducted.
Choosing a blood sugar test kits
There are a lot of blood sugar test kits are available in the market today. Despite everything that has the same functionality, Namur in some cases there are some differences. Your choice will depend on the blood sugar test kits lepada several factors, among others: 
• The amount of blood required for testing.
• The speed test tool in solving measurement.
• Ability tool in storing test results.
• Measuring tools
• The price tool
• The price of the strip used by the tool.
All the above factors you can ask the seller before you decide to buy and tentnnya sa also very dependent on the content of your own pocket. There are many sources on the internet that peeling of the tools is one of them in
The important thing to know about blood sugar testing equipment.
Because there are so many choices, its features were sometimes only a thin disparate. Therefore you have to understand what features are available on your device. The first thing to consider is the range of measurement of blood sugar that can be measured by the instrument.
Some devices can measure a fairly wide range. Usually, this tool can read from a range of 0 to 600 mg / dl. Because of differences in blood glucose monitors, the interpretation of measurement results of high or low must be done carefully.
If you are experiencing the results of measurements of very high or very low from the measurement equipment, check with repeated testing, and compare the results of both. Also check the calibration of the tool to ensure the results are always accurate.
Another thing to know about blood sugar test kit is the difference between whole blood glucose and plasma glucose. Blood sugar levels in plasma are usually higher than the value found in the blood ( whole-blood) .
This measurement is even higher after meals. Therefore you ( and your doctor) should know whether the tests used tool presents the results of measurements of whole-blood or plasma